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Re: [Linux-cluster] Defining dependency of services

--- chirantha pitigala <chiranthlk yahoo com> wrote:

> Hi roger,
> What I need is dependency between services. e.g:
> service 1 depends on successful start of service 2.
> Is it possible to do by making parent-child
> relationship between script resources of two
> services? 
What I try to do is think of service as "cluster
services", a service that a cluster will bring, not a
unix service (httpd or ftp)

if I do it in that way, nothing will stop me of having
two unix services as resource of a cluster service,
more important if this two unix services depend
between them.
so I _guess_ you can define an init.d script as a
child  resoucer of another init.d script resource, I
_guess_ you will have a change that things works with
start-stop actions, but I don't know about
check-status action ...

having said that I also have to say that I never had
done something like this :-) : one service depending
of another 

> ----- Original Message ----
> From: Roger Peña <orkcu yahoo com>
> --- chirantha pitigala <chiranthlk yahoo com> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > In RHCS 4, is there any way to define dependency
> or
> > order of services? As I can see services are
> started
> > in the order of defined in the cluster.conf. What
> is
> > the exact order? Can we add dependency between
> them?
> > 
> I do the dependency by creating one child of
> another,
> the child depend of success "start" of the parent
> resource
> you was talking about dependency betwenn services or
> between resource inside services?


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