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Re: [Linux-cluster] 4U5 CSS/CMAN/fence quorum confusion

Robert Clark wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-06-11 at 09:36 +0100, Robert Clark wrote:
>> On Mon, 2007-06-11 at 08:53 +0100, Patrick Caulfield wrote:
>>> Oops got that wrong way round - dlm-control probably IS being created in the
>>> right place, it's magma that is looking for it in the wrong place. I don't have
>>> the magma version numbers to hand, but I'm pretty sure this was fixed in CVS and
>>> would be worried if it didn't get into U5.
>>   I trimmed some lines like the following from the strace:
>> 2990  22:20:29 stat64("/dev/misc/dlm-control", 0xf6f2c104) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)
>> so, ccsd is looking in both locations, but you're quite right that I
>> don't have the 51-dlm.rules file. I'll track that down and try again.
>   Well, I was missing the dlm package. The system was still booting
> occasionally without it. Now I've installed that, the device file is
> being created in /dev/misc/dlm-control instead, but ccsd still spends
>> 10 seconds waiting for it to appear and fenced often fails to start as
> a result.
>   Is the delay here likely to simply be udev being slow?

It sounds like udev isn't creating it at all. What happens is that libdlm waits
10 seconds for udev to create the device file, and if it doesn't appear after
that time it will do the job itself.

Not being a udev expert I'm not really sure why that might be.


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