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Re: [Linux-cluster] Problems with Cluster

On 6/11/07, Maciej Bogucki <maciej bogucki artegence com> wrote:
Manish Kathuria napisaƂ(a):

> We want the failover to happen when the power supply fails to either
> of the nodes. In order to test the scenario, we removed the power
> cables from one of the nodes. However the failover did not happen and
> upon observing the logs we found that the alive node could not connect
> to the fence device (ILO in this case) of the dead node since it was
> powered off and the fencing could not take place. Does this mean that
> we would not be able to have a failover in case of power failure for
> one of the nodes. Is there a way we can do it ? How is the cluster
> supposed to react when the ILO itself is powered off ?

You need to perform manual fencing(administrator reaction) when it happend.

Isn't there any way which is automated and does not require manual
intervention ? Otherwise, the whole purpose gets defeated.

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