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[Linux-cluster] DRBD + Postgres on RH Cluster 5

I am attempting to run Postgres with the data to be stored on a DRBD partition. First question, is anyone using DRBD on RedHat Cluster and would you mind sharing your scripts? I saw a post from several months ago where someone claimed to have used the script from Linux-HA version 1 to accomplish this, but the script was not posted to the list that I could tell, nor does it appear to be in CVS.

Second, I tried setting up a Postgres-8 resource through Conga which did not work - for the record, several of the resource scripts were omitted from my install of the cluster suite. I managed to hack on the postgres-8 script in CVS to get it to start and stop as a custom script resource, but this may not be ideal.

Is anyone using this setup or maybe MySQL + DRBD and have some pointers? Any advice would be appreciated greatly.

Chris Harms

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