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[Linux-cluster] stability gfs2

Hi group,

I was wondering about the stability of the gfs2 filesystem.
After the release of Scientific Linux 5 (SL5) I tried the gfs2
filesystem on our FC SAN Storage with a two node cluster frontend (this
are supposed to be three in the future).

The system was running well on SL44 and is now running well with SL5 and
gfs, but when I tried the gfs2 filesystem I had problems syncing (rsync)
back the storage data from the backup. I got reproducable write errors,
after which the whole filsystem was stuck and broken.

Unluckily I had to install the system in to production with gfs now, so
I cannot post the error messages. (if the error messages are needed for
further debugging, i could set up a testsystem) So up to now I'm wondering:
1. is gfs2 supposed to be completely stable?
2. are there any known serious bugs i missed?
3. why should i use gfs2 instead of gfs, except for a faster df command? :-)
4. are there any documentation speaking about the gfs2 fs system in
detail? To me the documentation looks quite 'small'...

Thanks a lot in advance,
	Frederik Wagner

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