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[Linux-cluster] Trouble finding openais include dir in RHEL5 compile

Greetings All,

	I'm having an incredibly difficult time simply compiling this software.
I have followed a couple of 'usage.txt' versions, and well - they just
do not work for me. I've tried HEAD and RHEL5.

	Can someone tell me what branch of cvs code compiles against the stock
RHEL5 2.6.18-8 kernel source? 

One usage.txt said that you needed openais installed - I do. Latest
openais w/ default make;make install. Still, it appears the build system
for RHEL5 branch of cluster cannot find it. HEAD's configure system is
completely different.

daemon.c:32:35: error: openais/totem/aispoll.h: No such file or

What variable(s) need(s) to be set for this file - installed by
openais's make install by default in:
to be found?

--prefix=/usr/local/ does not work.

Also, what is the difference between the RHEL5 and RHEL50 branches, and
which one should be used? - OR - what branch *should* be used against
this kernel now? 



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