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[Linux-cluster] fence device: network card?


I have three (3) servers built and entered into the system-config-cluster tool as nodes. Basically the first node has node 2 and node 3 as members of the cluster.

For a fence device, I do not have any of the SAN or network/switch devices listed in the dropdown menu, and where I have read in the documentation that says "gnbd" Generic Network Block Device seems to be what i'm looking for.

Basically I read in the docs you can use a NIC card as a fence device, is this true?

Right now each of the 3 servers have 3 NICs, so I have a total of 9 to play with. Right now I am bonding the two GB NIC's together no problem. That leaves each server a 100mbps NIC.

My ultimate goal is to use these 3 machines to make a Vsftpd GFS cluster that I can run Iscsi over. Being new to this though, i'll stick to the primary questions: How does one configure a fence device in the form of a NIC card? Is the gnbd item relevant to this?


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