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Re: [Linux-cluster] altname broken?

Frederik Wagner wrote:
> Hello again,
> I was succesfully using the altname option under Scientific Linux 4.4 in
> my cluster.conf in the clusternode definition, like:
> <clusternode name="auriga" nodeid="1" votes="1">
>    <altname name="auriga-hb"/> -->
>    <fence>
>      <method name="1">
>         <device lanplus="1" name="auriga_IPMI"/>
>      </method>
>    </fence>
> </clusternode>
> since I'm using Scientific Linux 5 now, the altname option seems to be
> broken, in the sense that I have problems rejoining the cluster of even
> starting up the cluster. It's a bit unspecific, since I can not really
> track the starting of the cman init script.
> Are there any known problems regading this option?

There's nothing changed in that area that I can recall. Can you track the
startup with "cman_tool join -d" and also CMAN messages that appear in syslog on
the nodes?


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