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[Linux-cluster] RH Cluster Suit can be used to create a qmail cluster?


I am looking for ideas about to create a Qmail HA
cluster with 2 nodes and the storage in a SAN (FC

right now I am in the design stage, mainly finding
potencial problems so ....
do anybody has anything to recommend ? 
(except not use qmail ;-) I would like to use postfix
or exim but my client disagree :-( no choice here)

my first problem looks like qmail is started,
monitored and managed by daemontools (sv* programs)
and svscan itseft is started through inittab or
so my first approach is to create an sysV init script
for svscanboot (whitch is used to start svc and
svscan) and that script is the one that will be
controlled by RHCS as a script resource (alonside with
the GFS or plain FS resource, and maybe the IP

so, my idea is to "clusterizate" (that word exist ?
;-) ) the daemontool and not the qmail process, do you

thanks in advance for any tip :-)


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Cisco Certified ( CCNA & CCDA )

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