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Re: [Linux-cluster] RH Cluster Suit can be used to create a qmail cluster?

Roger Peña wrote:

backend for what? for user data?

It's a rather important question, IMO.

you are thinking about maildir advantages? yeap, I
know that with maildir you will not have locking
problems (practical meaning although there is a
teorical chance :-) )
but I was thinking in FS cache, default config for
ext3 are not  suitable, maybe I should go into the
tunning ext3 area but .... I thought GFS will take
care of FS sincronization more easy than tunning ext3
to not make cache or just do it for little time

I'm not sure what you mean here.

good to know it :-)
I will be looking for this problem :-)

Rather, problems tend to look for you ;-)

another requisite for the solution:
the OS has to be RHEL, RHEL5 as the preferred

It's just that RHEL doesn't offer most of the needed software out-of-the-box (apart from the ldap-client). And even if it does, you need to recompile it yourself, because it needs other compilation-options.

I guess few hundreds of thousands but I hope not 500k,
maybe 200k or 300k
I know this is an important data to be uncertain but
as I said I am in the process of finding potentials
problems yet :-) in the next few days-weeks I will
have more deep understand of the environment

300k would be still OK for a shared storage.
What kind of SAN do you have?


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