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Re: [Linux-cluster] Error when starting ccsd and proposed patch

Mathieu Avila wrote:
> Sorry to bother you with this ; am i the only one that spotted this
> issue ?

I think you might be ;-)

> I did review the code from cluster-2 and cluster-1.04 and the patch is
> also relevant there.
> A easy way of running into this problem is to generate CPU load on a
> node, and then do loops of ccsd and gulm start/stop. Sometimes, gulm
> will get out with an error complaining that it was unable to contact
> ccsd.

Yes, I can believe the problem is still in ccsd2 - it's really the same thing,
ccsd hasnt been touched for a while

Your patch is appreciated, really, it's just that things are a bit hectic at the
moment, we'll get around to testing/integrating it soon I hope.



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