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RE: [Linux-cluster] problem starting clvmd on second node.

What exactly is the error? If its permission denied it may most likely
have to do with fenced not running. If lvm skips the clustered
filesystems, then look at the lvm.conf to make sure its right.

Robert Gil
Linux Systems Administrator
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Subject: [Linux-cluster] problem starting clvmd on second node.

I'm having problem starting the clvmd on the second node.
I'm running Centos 5 resently updated. Its going to be a 3node HA
What I've done is the following.

creating the filesystems on the fiberdiscs thats devided with lvm.
mkfs.gfs -p lock_dlm -t acl002:project_logs -j 3 /dev/projectVG/logs
mkfs.gfs -p lock_dlm -t acl002:project_web -j 3 /dev/projectVG/web
mkfs.gfs -p lock_dlm -t acl002:project_db -j 3 /dev/projectVG/db

Then I start the cluster namned acl002 on all nodes and clvmd on the
first node, it starts and i can mount/unmount and write to the volumes,
but i get a clvmd -T20 process When I go to the second node and starts
clvmd it hangs in the vgscan.

I'm using locking_type = 3 in the lvm.conf file, before I used 2 with
the liblvm2clusterlock.so libary but it doesn't seems to be availible
anymore and this does not seem to be related to my problem(?).

It works if I start the clvmd on the second node first but then the
first node gives the same error.

Maybe someone can give me a hint in the right direction.
Thanks in advance.

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