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Re: [Linux-cluster] problem starting clvmd on second node.

Dan Deshayes wrote:
Hey Robert,
thats right, its not really the clvmd but when starting as a service it performs a vgscan wich also freezes. Correct, I'm using manual fenceing for the moment, but I don't want to fence the other node since it hasn't faild, but to have the filesystem mounted by all the nodes at the same time. Just fence when it fails. Maybe I've missunderstood the possibility of this? Though I've used it on previous versions of centos.

Regards, Dan

Hi Dan,

Is this the old cluster infrastructure (e.g. rhel4/centos 4/stable or equiv) or
the new cluster infrastructure (e.g. rhel5/HEAD or equiv)?

Since you're using manual fencing, perhaps you should start from the beginning
in case a node thinks it needs a fence ack:

1. power off all nodes
2. power on all nodes
3. start clustering on all nodes
4. do group_tool -v on all nodes to make sure there are no error conditions
5. start clvmd on all nodes
6. do your mounts

Let me know what happens.


Bob Peterson

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