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Re: [Linux-cluster] Diskless Quorum Disk

My nodes were set to "quorum=1 two_node=1" and fenced by DRAC cards using telnet over their NICs. The same NICs used in my bonded config on the OS so I assumed it was on the same network path. Perhaps I assume incorrectly.

Desired effect would be survivor claims service(s) running on unreachable node and attempts to fence unreachable node or bring it back online without fencing should it establish contact. Actual result was survivor spun its wheels trying to fence unreachable node and did not assume services. Restoring network connectivity induced the previously unreachable node to reboot and the surviving node experienced some kind of weird power off and then powered back on (???).

Ergo I figured I must need quorum disk so I can use something like a ping node. My present plan is to use a loop device for the quorum disk device and then setup ping heuristics. Will this even work, i.e. do the nodes both need to see the same qdisk or can I fool the service with a loop device? I am not deploying GFS or GNDB and I have no SAN. My only option would be to add another DRBD partition for this purpose which may or may not work.

What is the proper setup option, two_node=1 or qdisk?


Lon Hohberger wrote:
On Wed, Jun 20, 2007 at 11:55:52AM -0500, Chris Harms wrote:
I'm interested in using qdisk heuristics to circumvent a fencing duel in my two node cluster, however I have no shared storage so I'm mostly interested in network tests. The FAQ indicates "You don't have to use a disk or partition to get this functionality." however Conga complains about not setting a device or label, and errors when I enter a dummy label.

The FAQ is incorrect probably because of context; I'll clarify it.  You
don't need to use *qdiskd* to prevent a 'fence duel' in the case that the
cluster is configured in the following way:


... however, support for "diskless mode" is not implemented.  File a
bugzilla / feature request so we can track it?

To what should I set the device / label if I just want to ping the gateway for example?

You can't right now; it uses the quorum partition to converge on things
and do voting.

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