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[Linux-cluster] Getting cman to use a different NIC for Heartbeat



We got a 2-node cluster with RHEL5 Cluster Suite. We want to use a dedicated network for heartbeat communication.

So we have 2 interfaces – one for “data” and one for heartbeat communication.


I tried the way explained in http://sources.redhat.com/cluster/faq.html#cman_heartbeat_nic but when I start cman:

Starting cluster:

   Loading modules... done

   Mounting configfs... done

   Starting ccsd... done

   Starting cman... failed

cman not started: Overridden node name is not in CCS /usr/sbin/cman_tool: aisexec daemon didn't start



I used the name pg-hba-001 (heartbeat) in /etc/init.d/cman – the node is configured with the name pg-ba-001 in cluster.conf.

When I use the heartbeat-name in cluster.conf there’s no problem. But that’s not what I want.


It would be nice if there is any way to tell cman that it should use the heartbeat connection for heartbeat communication – but the node name should be the original pg-ba-001.

The perfect solution in my opinion would be that cman uses both available paths – first the heartbeat connection (which is in fact a direct node to node connection) and if this one fails for any reason the connection over regular LAN.


Is there any way to achieve that?


Thanks in advance,



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