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[Linux-cluster] Snapshots with GFS1/RHEL 4 (U4)

I'm currently in the process of upgrading a RHEL 3 cluster to RHEL 4, and I haven't been able to figure out how to use snapshots in a proper way. We have other RHEL 4 systems using LVM2, and I use snapshots with ext3 for backup with great success on those. As the demand for uptime on this particular cluster is cruicial (and regular filebackup using tar is way too slow!) I was hoping to accomplish the same kind of snapshots with GFS1 and RHEL 4 as with ext3.

My test-environment consists of 3 VM's in a VMware Server 1.0.3 environment, using DLM and one GFS filesystem on the VM's. Fencing and connectivity is working just fine, but when I try to use snapshots things go wrong.

I try to initiate the snapshot via
[root gfs1 Scripts]# lvcreate -L500M -s -n snap /dev/GFS/LV1
Logical volume "snap" created

When I try to mount the snapshot (in the same way as I do with an ext3 snapshot) it does not seem to work

[root gfs1 Scripts]# mount -t gfs
/dev/mapper/GFS-LV1 on /mnt/GFS type gfs (rw)

[root gfs1 Scripts]# mount -t gfs /dev/GFS/snap /mnt/GFS-snap
mount: File exists

Also - when I try to do changes in the /mnt/GFS filesystem after creating the snapshot, there does not seem to be any changes in the snapshot when I check the graphical interface of LVM (it says Snapshot usage: 0%). Attributes are "swi-a-" and GFS (clustered) according to LVM.

I assume I am missing something vital here, but I haven't been able to find the documentation which explains this in an easy manner.
Any inputs will be highly appreciated!

Best regards,
Oliver Olsen

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