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Re: [Linux-cluster] trouble reinstalling cluster suite 5 (correction)

something is apparently wrong with openais on a node. repeated removal and reinstall of this package yields no change and I get the following errors when trying to install this node in my cluster through Conga:

openais[3488]: [MAIN ] Error reading CCS info, cannot start
Jun 25 17:03:40 openais[3488]: [MAIN ] ðhñ·
Jun 25 17:03:40 openais[3488]: [MAIN ] AIS Executive exiting (-9).
Jun 25 17:04:06 ccsd[3447]: Unable to connect to cluster infrastructure

I'm sure the garbled log entry is not normal.  Any ideas?

Chris Harms wrote:
After some trouble with my first go, I ended up uninstalling the cluster packages and attempting to reinstall. However, one of the nodes apparently can't forget some info about the previous installation. After reinstalling ricci and luci, and doing create cluster the nodes reboot as normal. Upon reboot, the offending node attempts to fence the other (I haven't even gotten to the point of setting that up yet) while the other reports

ccsd[3414]: Unable to connect to cluster infrastructure after XYZ seconds.

attempts to stop cman via service cman stop summarily fail and fenced and ccsd have to be killed before it will succeed.

Any ideas on what or where it would be storing information about the old install, or how I should properly uninstall the software before starting over?

Thanks in advance,

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