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[Linux-cluster] Possible to Share Berkeley DB Environment via GFS?

Is it possible to share a Berkeley DB environment, via a common GFS filesystem, between Concurrent Data Store applications running on different systems?

In reference to *remote* filesystems, the Berkeley DB Reference Guide states that

"Remote filesystems rarely support mapping files into process memory, and even more rarely support correct semantics for mutexes after the attempt succeeds. For this reason, we strongly recommend that the database environment directory reside in a local filesystem... For remote filesystems that do allow system files to be mapped into process memory, home directories accessed via remote filesystems cannot be used simultaneously from multiple clients. None of the commercial remote filesystems available today implement coherent, distributed shared memory for remote-mounted files. As a result, different machines will see different versions of these shared regions, and the system behavior is undefined."

Based on that, I'd expect sharing the environment (home) directory between systems to be infeasible, but I know little about GFS. Can someone verify one way or the other whether such sharing is possible?



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