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[Linux-cluster] How to avoid all services starting on the first node that boots?


In my cluster, there are 39 services spread over 4 nodes. Any service
can run on any node, so I've set the failover domain
priorities up so that when any node goes down the services are spread
more or less evenly on the remaining nodes. Even if there is but one
node remaining, it can run the services.

But there seems to be a catch. It seems to me that the first node that
starts the rgmanager starts up all the services - and, since starting up
the services takes up a lot of resources, it takes a long time (well,
abt five minutes) until the services are relocated where they belong.

Is there a way to increase the time that a node waits for a prior member
in the failover domain to come up before it tries to start the service
in the group? I couldn't find any, but perhaps I didn't search well

Thanks for any advice.

Janne Peltonen <janne peltonen helsinki fi>

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