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Re: [Linux-cluster] RHEL Problem: Can't access LUNS

--- "isplist logicore net" <isplist logicore net>

> I see now Roger... I had the wrong option wording. I
> never saw it this way so 
> will give it a try and post my findings, thanks.

that was exactly what I like to point
if you mistake anything, the kernel just drop what you
type, so you have to be very carefull about what to
there is also the way to give more than one option to
the same kernel module, usually the examples just show
howto give only one option to the modules but in your
case you have to pass _two_ options to the same kernel
module, how do you do that?
I guess I give you the way it should be done, but I am
not sure at all :-(
in past times I recall that you can pass several
options with a ',' separator but I couldn't fine if it
is the same with kernels 2.6.x ....


see the '.' between the module name and its option?
maybe, and just maybe, it make the trick

there is also the posibility that, because the
scsi_mod maybe be loaded as a module (not be an
in-line module), that any of the options you pass at
boot time has any use, so, why not to switch to the
console F2 and unload  scsi_mod and then loaded with
the right options?

if that do not works, then, my next try would be to
install from network (PXE boot) so I can create-modify
whatever file I like and add whatever option I like to
the kernel at boot time without recreate the installer

> On Thu, 1 Mar 2007 15:55:14 -0800 (PST), Roger Peña
> wrote:
> > 
> > 
> > --- "isplist logicore net" <isplist logicore net>
> > wrote:
> > 
> >> Is there anyone on this list who can make a
> >> suggestion to RH??? I've been
> >> asking about this for some time now and have no
> idea
> >> where to turn.
> >> 
> >> I've been working with Qlogic on my LUN problem
> for
> >> a couple of weeks or so. I
> >> posted asking about this here but it seems that
> >> there aren't any answers here
> >> either.

> >> In order to see the volumes which I need to gain
> >> access to, I need to install
> >> RHEL and then do the following;
> >> 
> >> Edit /etc/modprobe.conf
> >> options scsi_mod max_luns=256
> >> dev_flags=INLINE:TF200:0x242
> >> mkinitrd -f /boot/initrd-`uname -r`.img `uname
> -r`
> >> Reboot;
> > maybe something like:
> > scsi_mod.max_luns=256
> > scsi_mod.scsi_dev_flags=INLINE:TF200:0x242


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