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[Linux-cluster] Clustering questions

Hi All,
        I am designing a low cost storage for file serving, which will
 contain servers with directly attached storage (NO common storage). The
 requirement here is that all the servers nodes should be able to access
 EACH OTHERS directly attached storage.

 I have some of questions, your answers will be helpful?

 -  Is a file system like GFS useful in this scenario?
    If not which would be optimum based on performance?
 -  Can I use a ToE card on each server node to for the storage access?
    This is for both getting access to other servers storage and for
    giving access to other servers for it's own storage.

 - How safe is it to put all the storage (of individual servers) into a 
   single volume group? And then make logical volume group

 My Intentions is to just add low-cost PC to this network and provide
 both strorage and load-handling scalability.

 Thanks & Regards

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