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Re: [Linux-cluster] ipmi fence device config

On Mon, 2007-03-05 at 16:41 -0800, ROBERTO RAMIREZ hitachigst com wrote:
> Hello 
> i am trying to setup ipmi fence device on a RHEL AS V4 Cluster Suite 
> i have 2 ibm 3950 servers the BMC device is setup with an ip address
> on both servers 
> when i add the ipmi device to the cluster and test , the fence fails 
> have somebody configure ipmi on Cluster Suite with IBM servers that
> can help me 
> also if you can tell me some basics about the ipmi fence method i
> would apriciate i have only do fence on balde centers  

Try fence_ipmi from the command line -- e.g.

fence_ipmi -a <ip> -o off -p <password> (etc.) - see what the output is.

There are two bugs which are fixed in CVS which you might be hitting: 

(1) fence_ipmi doesn't work with null passwords


(2) fence_ipmi doesn't work with lan-plus components

(don't know the bugzilla # :( )

Also, fence_ipmi uses ipmitool.  If you get an "ipmitool not found"
warning, ensure that the OpenIPMI package from RHEL4 U3 or later is
installed.  The fence package does not require this any other packages
at install-time (Note: -not- a bug).

-- Lon

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