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Re: [Linux-cluster] RHEL4 cluster NFS

Lon Hohberger wrote:
On Tue, 2007-03-06 at 20:25 +1100, Matthew Geier wrote:

 Any one have a concise example on how to NFS export an ext3 filesystem
on RHEL U4 cluster suite. ?

Ok, thanks, it's 'clicked' now and I have the idea. Some one emailed me directly a screen grab of the layout in system-config-cluster that showed me the relationship I was missing, however last evening while relaxing in the bath, I had a 'flash of inspiration' on how the relationship between the file systems in the services section and the NFS clients went together and I tried it remotely and it seems to work. all your helpful emails arrived later.

 It's still not perfect, but functional

                        <fs ref="Files - u3">
                                <nfsexport name="NFS Export u3">
<nfsclient name="whitestar NFS" options="async,rw" target="whitestar.arts.usyd.edu.au"/>

I gather the nfsclient should be a public resource so it can be reused on other file systems. I made it private. Have to wait to my next maintenance window to change it as the resulting service restart will annoy all my Mac users. (Unlike Windows, Mac's don't expect their servers to go down all the time :-)

The examples put the nfsexport in the main resources section as well, which is why I couldn't make the connection with the export resource and the file system it exports. They neatly put the resource configuration in order, directly after the file system is is going to reference, which has given me a false impression of how it was supposed to work, as I mistakenly thought the binding must happen in resources (and I couldn't get it to work) when it actually happens in the service section.

What does the actual nfsexport directive do ?. It seems to be that adding an nfsclient to a filesystem resource would imply it.

 Thanks to all those that helped.

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