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Re: [Linux-cluster] node fails to join cluster after it was fenced

Luis Godoy Gonzalez wrote:
> Hi
> we have the same problem... :|   we have RHE4 U2 with cluster suite 4
> U2, in our case one node send a fenced to the other node, and we have
> not succes to rejoining the node to cluster.
> On logs appeared that node 2 cannot comunicate with node 1, but the
> network connectivity is working fine
> In a test we deleted the cluster.conf from node 2 and reboot it. After
> the reboot the node got the last version of cluster.conf from node 1,
> but still cannot joining to cluster again.
> Below of this mail, we attached a little dump from node 1 that were the
> cluster service is running. 

That's showing the same symptoms. The new node is sending joinreq messages but
they are not received by the node that's already in the cluster.

If you're running U2 you should upgrade anyway. there are lots of bugs fixed
between that and the current U4.



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