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Re: [Linux-cluster] node fails to join cluster after it was fenced

Luis Godoy Gonzalez wrote:
> Hi
> The "IPtable" service is not running on both nodes.
> We are thinking in update the platform (RHE4 U4 RHCS 4U4) but thid is
> not easy right now because we have several servers on production.
> Another reason to not do it the version update is that we are waiting
> for an update 5 por RHE4 or the production release for RHE5.
> In this moment we only update "rgmanager" in some sites (we have several
> issues with the rgmanager of update 2 RHCS4).

It is really rather odd. Node 1 can obviously see the joinreq messages - at
least tcpdump can, but cman is either not seeing them or ignoring them.

What really bothers me is that this seems to be affecting U2 and U4 - if both of
you were using U3 I would think no more of it :)

Annoyingly it's hard to debug at this level (you can't strace a kernel thread!).
I"m pretty sure that a reboot of node1 would fix the problem but that's hardly



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