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RE: [Linux-cluster] Using GFS on Compact Flash


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> Subject: RE: [Linux-cluster] Using GFS on Compact Flash
> > Does it make sense to use  GFS (local or cluster mode) on Compact 
> > Flash? Will it greatly reduce the life expectancy of the 
> Compact Flash 
> > compared to using a local file system? The rational behind this is 
> > that GFS will issue way more writes to the disk for its internal 
> > operations ( such as dlm locking etc).
> >
> Ummm, why would you want to use CF & GFS together???
> Surely you'd only use GFS for a shared pool of storage. As 
> the largest CF card you can sensibly get atm is around 8GB, 
> that's not a lot of storage to be shared by multiple nodes.
> Now we use CF cards for embedded boxes, but for exactly the 
> reasons you mentioned (poor MTBF/reduced lifetime due to the 
> read/write process), our cards are invariably read-only 
> filesystems and we use ext2 to get rid of the journaling too. 
> No swap either (which has caused some trouble on one or two 
> occasions, but that's another story).
> Dan

Have you done any measurements in regard to the amount of extra
read/write introduced by GFS+cluster suite+fencing+journaling etc?
And/or how much CF lifetime reduction is that translated to?


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