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[Linux-cluster] GFS and RHCS will be included now in RHEL4 Advanced Platform ?

I just email sales contact in redhat but I do not get
an anwser yet :-( I guess they are very busy now :-)

According to redhat website, now GFS and Cluster suit
are included in the Advanced Platform , what does that
mean for RHEL-4 GFS and Cluster suit?

If I now buy a RHEL Advanced Platform license what do
I get is just for RHEL-5 plataform? or this features:


are also true for RHEL-4 line of products ?

more precise, one month ago, if I would had to have
support for RHEL4 GFS I would had to buy this:
two RHEL licenses
two GFS licenses
which mean more than $5k .
now with only $3k I got the same for RHEL5 plataform.
what I need to know is: the same is true for RHEL-4


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