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[Linux-cluster] Sharedroot or shared GFS? Flash Boot

I've looked around at the sharedroot projects and have been working on 
diskless blades that each share their own volume on a storage device.

I have two questions and I'm not sure if this is the place to ask them so 
please re-direct me to another list if this isn't the place.

First, sharedroot and shared GFS space aren't the same, this I know. However, 
could GFS be used as a shared root for multiple servers which are identical? 
They all do the same things, they are all configured identically except for 
their IP. So, why could they not all boot off of one single GFS partition?

Second, I have 32 volumes on a storage device. I have a flash drive for the 
/boot partition only. The system boots off of the lash card then uses one of 
the volumes as it's own OS swap and root partitions. Rather than installing 
over and over again, is there some way of making a copy of one of the volumes 
and using that to mirror the rest? Then I'd only need to modify the grub.conf 
file to tell each blade what it's volume disk is. 

And last, just out of curiosity. I can install /boot on my DOM based flash 
cards but the CF based ones give this error (or similar);

Assertion (cyl_size <=255-63) at disk_dos,c:556 in Function 
probe_partition_for_geom() Failed

I tried pre-formatting the disk to DOS, would it help to pre-format it to 
Linux or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.


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