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[Linux-cluster] GFS 6.1 Example of a working fence.ccs and nodes.ccs when using RILOE

Hey folks:

Some Background

For customers using GFS who would like to setup fencing with the RILOE
method: how to setup fencing depends on the device and method being
used. That's in Section 10.2 of the GFS 6.0 doc - Fencing Methods


RILOE is there and supported, obviously. The documentation for GFS 6.0
instructs the use of the deprecated fence_rib fencing agent for the

The examples there for the RILOE method are good in the 6.0 doc:

 Format for fence.ccs:

 Example of a RILOE fence.ccs:

 Format for nodes.ccs:

 Example of a RILOE nodes.ccs

As you know, I'm sure, the fence_rib agent has been deprecated. The
fence_ilo agent should be used instead, according to multiple references
including the man pages for both.

I hoped to find some explicit examples of the two files in the
documentation for GFS 6.1 using fence_ilo, but the documentation has
changed. Specifically, the GFS Admin Guide has a short: "Fencing is
configured and managed in Red Hat Cluster Suite. For more information
about fencing options, refer to Red Hat Cluster Suite Configuring and
Managing a Cluster."

That particular section is here:

You'll note that it's not anywhere near the detail as the above GFS 6.0
documentation, as it's GUI-based. 

The man page for fence_ilo(8) indicates the following fields are used:

  action = The action required. reboot (default), off, on or status. 
  agent = This option is used by fence_node(8) and is ignored by
  hostname = IP address or hostname of the iLO card. 
  login = Login name. 
  passwd = Password for login. 
  ribcl = RIBCL protocol to use. Default is to autodetect. 
  verbose = Verbose mode.

Since agent is ignored, looks like we can simply add the "action"
parameter to the fence.ccs? I guess action is analogous to the drop-down
menu at the top of the GUI? 

And ribcl and verbose can safely be left alone?  They're not in the GUI


So, I'm wondering: does anyone have an example of a working fence.ccs
and nodes.ccs for GFS 6.1 when using RILOE?  I don't have a GFS 6.1
config to work on just now. 

Also, it appears that this is the way to test?

 # fence_ilo -v -a ipaddr -l login -p passwd -o off

Kind regards


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