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Re: [Linux-cluster] CMAN cluster event notification broken? (fwd)

> Mikhail A Zelikov wrote:
>> I have a 2-node cluster, and I wrote a simple program that registers for
>> cluster events using:
>> cman_start_notification and cman_start_recv_data.  If a node dies
>> (manual
>> reboot/shutdown) then I receive CMAN_REASON_PORTCLOSED event and then NO
>> CMAN_REASON_STATECHANGE (as I woudl expect). I receive
>> CMAN_REASON_STATECHANGE once the node is booted again. If I do not
>> register for data then I do not receive CMAN_REASON_PORTCLOSED as
>> expected.
>> Is the notification mechanism broken?
> It used to be broken for the last node in the cluster. It should be fixed
> in U3.

I just rebuilt RPMs from the source RPMs of RHEL5 released a few days ago

cman_start_notification() still seems broken, it doesn't even trigger the
callback registered with cman_start_notification().

In addition to that, monitoring the fd returned by cman_get_fd() through
select returns no events when I force other nodes to close their
applications. Is application level notification broken or unsupported in
this release?

Thanks in advance,

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