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[Linux-cluster] Solution: Install over FC SAN works, boot doesn't

After endless trial and errors, the solution was so much simpler than the 
The problem was that I was able to install over the SAN to a volume but I 
could not boot from that installation.
It was as simple as going into the 'Advanced setting' of the boot installer 
while installing the server and picking the proper drive to boot.

Wish RH would make it a pick list rather than having to highlight the drive, 
then click it up one at a time but hey, it works. 

The answer was from a way cool guy at Qlogic who spend two days looking into 
this and figured out the problem. Now I have my central storage AND SAN based 
roots for each blade, no need for drives, flash drives, nothing, just the 


On Tue, 20 Mar 2007 17:44:35 +0000, William Rizzo wrote:
> Hi you're trying to do that?
> When you say "Install Linux over the FC Network", do you mean Boot From 
> I guess that if can see the LUN at any stage, the LUN Masking and the
> Zoning aren't the problems.
> William
> 2007/3/19, isplist logicore net <isplist logicore net>: > I am able to
> install Linux over the FC network and onto a storage volume.
>> However, when I try to boot these installs, I only get a blank screen and
>> cannot boot.
>> I have found that I can install the /boot directory to a flash card on
>> each
>> blade and then am able to boot fine with swap and root on the remote
>> volume.
>> Why is this and how can I make my install 100% remote?
>> Also strange (to me at least), I have found that if I connect the multiple
>> volume storage device to the rest of the FC network, already installed
>> machines with Qlogic cards in them no longer boot. They come up with many
>> errors and all finally stall at the syslog starting point. Disconnecting
>> the
>> new storage allows them to boot again.
>> I believe this has something to do with LUN masking/zoning (which I've
>> yet to
>> learn, have to start reading Brocade 2800 docs next) but what I don't get
>> is
>> why the new blades can see their own LUNS if installed as noted above with
>> flash /boot, but old machines get stuck?
>> Rather confusing.
>> Mike
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