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Re: [Linux-cluster] storage clustering without SAN

Shailesh wrote:
Hi Everyone,
             I am looking for a storage solution where there is NO
common storage area like a SAN. But just a bunch of PC clustered togther
with their internal disk space used collectively as a storage area.

Can you suggest me any information that talks about such an
architecture ?

Can I use the redhat clustering suite with these bunch of PC
connected on a ethernet network ?

Do I have to use GFS , if RHCS is employed ?

I'll appreciate your answer to the above.
Thanks & Regards
Shailesh P S

Hi Shailesh,

If your storage is not shared, what exactly do you mean by "used

You can use the cluster suite to cluster a bunch of PCs together
so they cooperate, provide High Availability services (through
rgmanager) and so forth, regardless of whether you use GFS.

If your storage isn't shared between the systems, you don't
need GFS.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat Cluster Suite

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