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RE: [Linux-cluster] storage clustering without SAN

Sounds like what you want is something along the lines of Lustre or even GPFS
from IBM.
Those systems allow aggregate use of nodes as storage bricks. RHCS could be
used on top 
of such a system as well as in conjunction with. Lustre for instance allows a
node to be 
designated as a failover for another node, but as far as I know requires some
other method 
to ensure the storage device is taken over by the failover node. It all
depends on what you
are trying to accomplish. If you are trying to save money, move ahead
carefully. I'm not 
sure if the storage bricks are meant to be used for general purpose computing
etc once they
are configured to provide storage. Also, due to the current lack of "raid"
personalities in 
things like Lustre, you will want some nice hardware, which by the time you
get done paying
for you might as well have paid for a small SAN.  For raw thoughput though,
it's hard to beat
Luster or GPFS.

Corey Kovacs
Senior Systems Engineer
Technology Management Associates
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855-6168 (R)

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Shailesh wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
>              I am looking for a storage solution where there is NO 
> common storage area like a SAN. But just a bunch of PC clustered 
> togther with their internal disk space used collectively as a storage area.
> Can you suggest me any information that talks about such an 
> architecture ?
> Can I use the redhat clustering suite with these bunch of PC connected 
> on a ethernet network ?
> Do I have to use GFS , if RHCS is employed ?
> I'll appreciate your answer to the above. 
> Thanks & Regards
> Shailesh P S

Hi Shailesh,

If your storage is not shared, what exactly do you mean by "used

You can use the cluster suite to cluster a bunch of PCs together so they
cooperate, provide High Availability services (through
rgmanager) and so forth, regardless of whether you use GFS.

If your storage isn't shared between the systems, you don't need GFS.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat Cluster Suite

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