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RE: [Linux-cluster] RHCS Coraid/ATAoe compatibility

Franco Martin Bladilo wrote:
> We are considering the option to build a 4 node HA cluster using RHCS
> and Coraid products (SR1521). ATAoE seems to be the most cost
> effective solution for our case and I was wondering if there are any
> comments/ feedback for such configuration.

I currently have a Coraid SR1521 connected to three servers running
CentOS.  The only comment I would make is to make sure to get drives
that are specifically supported by Coraid.  We originally had some
unsupported drives that caused intermittent problems until we upgraded
the firmware on all the drives.

> Is the quorum partition issue (shared concurrent access) still a
> limitation for these appliances? Can these "service" partitions be
> formatted using GFS? Any other workarounds?

I'm not sure what issue you are referring to here, but I haven't had any
problems.  The Coraid unit is formatted as a single partition with GFS
and is actively shared by all three servers.


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