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Re: [Linux-cluster] Making gfs-deploy-tool dist agnostic (somewhat)

Hi Christopher,

I don't want to evangelize anyone, but maybe you should have a look at the rocks cluster distribution. Its a wrap-around of any RHEL4 compatible distribution (CentOS, FC, RHEL), which does the deployment job for you. I'm at the moment rolling out a 48 core cluster with a timeframe of 1 month, and it's really taking a lot off the shoulders, altough it's still short in time. My setup is FC SAN, GFS and automatic deployment, and I'm currently writing on a howto for that setup (in case you're interested).



C. Bergström wrote:
I'm trying to really clean up my cluster deployment and while looking at GFS came across this.


To be upfront, I my dist of choice doesn't use an rpm based binary package system. Is there or would there be any objection to add in the ability for other backends.. eg.. debs? My timeframe is about 30 days to take a poke at this so I'm in no rush. Any feedback is appreciated.



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