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[Linux-cluster] GFS2 questions



Seems like GFS would have it’s own area, but… project page directs to this list…



I do not need a cluster file system currently.  However, I am outgrowing ext3 (mainly the volume size limit).  Xfs looks unworkable due to memory requirements for a large filesystem, and EXT4 is ready yet.  I was thinking about using JFS, but that isn’t supported in RedHat 5.  So either I have to settle for EXT3 (split the file system), or pick a different distro, or pick a different file system.


Wasn’t considering GFS2 at first, but it appears to be built into Redhat 5.  If anyone can recommend something else that is supported by RedHat 5 and supports large volumes, that would be good too.


Where are the specs for GFS2?  (Max volume size, max file size, max number of directories in a directory, etc…)?


How does performance compare to EXT3 (and JFS) when running GFS2 in non locking mode?  Given that GFS is designed to work in a cluster, I am a little concerned it might not be as efficient on a single machine with a file system not designed to run on a cluster.  Plus I am a little concerned that GFS2 has not been out as long or in production as much compared to ext3 and jfs…



Thanks for any insights.




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