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Re: [Linux-cluster] RHCS Coraid/ATAoe compatibility

We don't have benchmarks per se, but I've had Rsync's float anywhere between 6 MB/s and 40 MB/s depending on load and file distribution.  Considering that GFS1 is not extremely friendly to stat'ing 100,000 files, I've usually felt this was pretty good.  You'll find that any metadata-heavy load is pretty slow in GFS in general.  We find that it's generally pretty close to local disks.  Good enough for large scale file storage but perhaps a bit below what you'd put behind a ultra-fast DBMS.

On Mar 28, 2007, at 5:38 AM, Ramon van Alteren wrote:

Jayson Vantuyl wrote:
The newer units are actually quite a bit faster.  Also, I highly recommend connecting your Coraids in a dual-network / not-cross-connected fashion.
Interesting, any benchmarks on real-life gfs usage ?
I've seen the coraid ones, but we never got that performance out of gfs.

Grtz Ramon

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