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Re: [Linux-cluster] NFSv4 with ACL-Support on GFS

Christian Brandes wrote:
Dear readers,

I would like to set up an active/active cluster of redundant NFSv4 servers with ACLs that have the same GFS file system exported at the same time.
Is that supported?
What versions are needed minimum:
    NFS-Tools ...

At the moment I have a two node cluster of test servers with a GFS exported over NFSv4, but I can not get or set ACLs with getfacl or setfacl, which is the same behavior I had with samba.

Some weeks ago I tried two SAMBA servers on GFS, though it was said not to work in the Cluster FAQ.
It seemed to work -- but no ACLs.

Do you have any ideas?

Best regards
Hi Christian,

I have a couple questions:

1. Are you mounting gfs on the nfs server with the "-o acl" option?
2. Can you do setfacl and getfacl from the gfs host (i.e. not through nfs)?
3. On what version of the cluster software and gfs are you seeing this?

Clustered samba is still being worked on.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat Cluster Suite

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