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[Linux-cluster] General question about cluster

Dear readers,

i have this equipment:
- 33 PC for student use
-  2 servers and 1 SAN connected via SCSI to the servers
only SAN and servers are powered by UPS

The whole equipment is in a private network, only servers are also connected a public net.

I would export disks on SAN as a common filesystem for all computers.

I'm thinking it would be a good idea to use the cluster suite.

What is your opinion?

I installed CentOS+ClusterSuite and configured cluster to have sufficient votes for servers (30 votes each)
to avoid quorum problems in case of occasional student-PC switching-off.
SAN disks were gfs filesystems and exported via GNBD

Cluster is working fine even if i power-off some of student-PC,
but if i power-off all 33 student-PC the two servers go in hang,

remember that
every student-PS has 1 vote
every server has 30 votes
(i can verify with cman_tool nodes)

so i have (as i can see with cman_tool status):

Nodes: 35
Total_votes: 93
Quorum: 47

also if all nodes are booting simultaneously they hang waiting indefinitely for the clvmd start

Can you help me to find the mistake?


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