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Re: [Linux-cluster] LVS+GFS+GNBD

On Wed, Mar 28, 2007 at 09:29:15AM +0800, Lee Siang Fong wrote:
>    Dear All,
>    I am planning to use only 2 nodes clusters sharing 1 storage location,
>    which is a Raid 5 SCSI hard drives of another HP DL385 machine. Appreciate
>    if you advise me the following:-
>    1. Can GNBD work well in this case?

Yes, GNBD is fine for this setup.

>    2. I have successfully installed GNBD  and GFS( all in one server) and
>    mount it locally to 2 web cluster nodes(I put mount command in rc.local),
>    but when 1 do simulation on shutting down 2 webservers, it hung; i have to
>    manually shut it down. When I start both servers, it takes very long time
>    to startup, sometimes it also hung? Any suggestion?

You may have your cluster set up correctly, but I'm not sure from your
description. If you have the GFS source, look at cluster/doc/min-gfs.txt You
can also look at this file online through the web interface to CVS at
http://sources.redhat.com/cluster/. This has a description of how you should
set up a 2 node cluster, using a third node as a GNBD server.  The hangs could
also be a problem with the init scripts.

>    3. I hardly  find GFS mounting instruction in RHCS tools, I tried to mount
>    GFS as  Shared Resources, but it can only mount at 1 server at a time.

look at cluster/doc/usage.txt and cluster/doc/min-gfs.txt for mounting
instructions. If this doesn't help, could you post a copy of the error
message you are getting?

>    4. I have used back the old school method, I only used NFS for my data.
>    May  I know if there are any performance issues? ( i think we have little
>    chances to faced data corruption due to most of the clients are merely
>    downloading the contents).
>    Thanks a and sorry for my bad english.
>    Rdgs
>    SFLee

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