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Re: [Linux-cluster] (new) problems with qdisk, running test rpms

Hi Lon,

thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately I'm currently not in a position to test this at the moment. I really should get myself a proper test setup :-(

Before I try the next time, I have one small detail to clarify here.

Lon Hohberger wrote:
On Wed, May 02, 2007 at 02:44:06PM +0100, Frederik Ferner wrote:

With the new version of qdiskd it seems the heuristics are not tested anymore after it reaches a sufficient score once. When the outside network is lost qdiskd on both server still claim the same score in the status file and both servers report the votes for the qdisk to cman.

Hmm, could you add 'tko="1"' to your cluster.conf for the heuristics?  I
wonder if it's an initialization problem.

If qdiskd is started while the outside network is unreachable the scores start without the scores for the failing heuristics. Once network is restored the score jumps to at least the minimum required for operation and once again stays there.

This seems to work for me:

[10538] debug: Heuristic: 'ping -c1 -t3' missed (1/3)
[10538] debug: Heuristic: 'ping -c1 -t3' missed (2/3)
[10538] info: Heuristic: 'ping -c1 -t3' DOWN (3/3)
[10537] notice: Score insufficient for master operation (0/11;
required=6); downgrading

Message from syslogd green at Mon May  7 10:36:43 2007 ...
green clurgmgrd[7305]: <emerg> #1: Quorum Dissolved
(machine rebooted)


Hmm, try adding tko="3" to each of your ping heuristics, like this:

Is this the same suggestion as above (tko="1")? In any case I'll try that next time I get a chance.

Many thanks,
Frederik Ferner		
Linux Systems Administrator		phone: +44 1235 77 8624
Diamond Light Source Ltd.		mob:   +44 7917 08 5110

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