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Re: [Linux-cluster] Combining LVS and RHCS

Hello David.

Two-node cluster is a special case. There is a special option in config
indicating it. Two-node cluster can work with one member alive.

Best regards,
Alexey Vasyukov

Presales Consultant/ VDEL CIS
Moscow, Russia

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>Assume I have set up an LVS 'blob' that has two LVS routers and some
>number of real servers used to load balance services. Assume I have
>also set up a third tier using 2 servers and RHCS to cluster shared
>storage arrays.
>- From the reading I have been doing, a cluster requires quorum to
>continue to function so a two-node cluster providing the shared storage
>would seem to fail to meet quorum if one of the two servers dies.
>Can the servers in the second-tier of the LVS blob that are providing
>load balanced services also have RHCS components installed on them and
>just not be part of any service specific failover domains? This way the
>total number of member servers in the cluster would still be greater
>than half, even if one of the two storage server nodes failed.
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>David Goldsmith
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