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[Linux-cluster] cluster ( OpenMP )

I begin to learn about cluster techonlogy. I would like to compare the efficiency of shared memory and distributed memory so I must use the similar tools in my cluster project.I think I will use the tools as below.

          1. fedora core 5
          2. oscar 5.0
          3. pbs

In the shared memory I will use OpenMP library that is in fedora core5. In the distributed memory I will use MPI that I can choose between lam/mpi and mpich in the step of oscar installation. What do you think about the tool that I will use? Can I use it?

*** I 'm not sure that I can use OpenMP because in oscar installation it has lam/mpi or mpich to choose but OpenMP doesn't. Otherwise, I'm not sure that in OpenMP,Can PBS use for assign the jobs for compute nodes?

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