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RE: [Linux-cluster] fence_apc 7930s

I can get the python version to work with a single apc device.  However, I
cannot get it, or any other fence_apc, to work with multiple apc 7930s.  Is
this even possible???



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On Fri, May 11, 2007 at 03:26:12PM -0600, Eric Schneider wrote:
> It was a python one I found on the list.  I can get it to work from the
> command line:
> This doesn't work.  The default fence_apc never works for me.
> fence_apc.orig  -a IP -l apc -n 21 -p "password" -v
> This works.  I had this working on a RHEL 4 clone on a single apc 7930.  I
> can get it to work in C5, but not with multiple apc 7930s.
> fence_apc.3rd  -a IP -l apc -n 21 -p "password" -v
> FENCE_RELEASE_NAME="New APC Agent - test release"
> BUILD_DATE="September 21, 2006"

Looks like the python-rewritten fence_apc.  jparsons would know more.

-- Lon

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