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RE: [Linux-cluster] Installing RHEL Cluster Suite dependencies problem



I tried it again now and have the same problem with the modcluster dependency:


up2date --force --installall=rhel-i386-es-4-cluster


Fetching Obsoletes list for channel: rhel-i386-es-4...


Fetching Obsoletes list for channel: rhel-i386-es-4-cluster...


Name                                    Version        Rel


ccs                                     1.0.10         0                 i686

ccs-devel                               1.0.10         0                 i686

cman                                    1.0.17         0                 i686

cman-devel                              1.0.17         0                 i686

cman-kernel                             2.6.9          50.2              i686

cman-kernel-hugemem                     2.6.9          50.2              i686

cman-kernel-smp                         2.6.9          50.2              i686

cman-kernheaders                        2.6.9          50.2              i686

dlm                                     1.0.3          1                 i686

dlm-devel                               1.0.3          1                 i686

dlm-kernel                              2.6.9          46.16             i686

dlm-kernel-hugemem                      2.6.9          46.16             i686

dlm-kernel-smp                          2.6.9          46.16             i686

dlm-kernheaders                         2.6.9          46.16             i686

fence                                   1.32.45        1                 i686

gulm                                    1.0.10         0                 i686

gulm-devel                              1.0.10         0                 i686

iddev                                   2.0.0          4                 i686

iddev-devel                             2.0.0          4                 i686

luci                                    0.9.1          8                 i386

magma                                   1.0.7          1                 i686

magma-devel                             1.0.7          1                 i686

magma-plugins                           1.0.12         0                 i386

rgmanager                               1.9.68         1                 i386

ricci                                   0.9.1          8                 i386



Testing package set / solving RPM inter-dependencies...

There was a package dependency problem. The message was:


Unresolvable chain of dependencies:

ricci-0.9.1-8                            requires modcluster >= 0.8



The following packages were added to your selection to satisfy dependencies:

Package                                Required by



Is there something else that needs to be done?





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Brad Filipek wrote:




>I am a little unclear as to what you are doing. Are you uploading the

>modcluster rpm to the RHCS4 channel?



Yes - that dependency was missed. It is being corrected now.





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