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Re: [Linux-cluster] Backup GFS File system

Are you cloning the disk(s)?  If so, are you backing up the volumes on another server, outside of the cluster?  That is our implementation, and we came up with a process that allows for that.  You need to install the GFS/CS components on that server, but do not need to run it (ccs / cman / fence, etc).  I marked the volumes with the lock_nolock protocol for mounting, although there is a way to use mount arguments to override what is on the volume (man gfs_mount).

Here's a snippet of a script we execute on the backup media server, after the clone is completed:


for RETRY in `seq 3 -1 0`; do
        DEVICE="`sudo ${POWERMT} display dev=all | grep -B 3 ${CLONE_NAME} | grep name=emcpower | awk -F= '{print $2}'`"
        [ -n "${DEVICE}" ] && break;
        sleep 5
if [ -z "${DEVICE}" ]; then
        echo "NO PowerPath device found for ${CLONE_NAME}"
        exit -1
sudo ${PARTED} /dev/${DEVICE} set 1 lvm on
sudo ${VGRENAME} ${VG} ${VG}-CLONE 2> /dev/null
sudo ${VGCHANGE} -a y --ignorelockingfailure ${VG}-CLONE 2> /dev/null
sudo ${GFS_TOOL} sb ${VG}-CLONE/lvol0 proto lock_nolock <<-EOD
sudo ${GFS_TOOL} sb ${VG}-CLONE/lvol1 proto lock_nolock <<-EOD
sudo mount -t gfs ${VG}-CLONE/lvol0 /bcv/ccc/watson
sudo mount -t gfs ${VG}-CLONE/lvol1 /bcv/ccc/watson/wav
sudo mount -t ext3 ${VG}-CLONE/lvoldata /bcv/ccc/watson-data
sudo mount -t ext3 ${VG}-CLONE/lvoldb1 /bcv/ccc/watson-data/sys/db1

On Tue, 2007-05-22 at 14:56 +0100, Ben Yarwood wrote:
I intend to create a backup of my GFS6.1 file systems (3 Node cluster) on a single backup machine and wanted to check some facts.

1.  To run a GFS filesystem with nolock as the lock protocol, do I need the rest of the cluster infrastructure?

2.  If I do need the rest of the cluster architecture, can you have a one node cluster?

3.  In the event of the primary storage failing and the backup being used, I can convert the lock protocol to dlm using gfs_tool
e.g. gfs_tool sd /dev/sdx proto lock_dlm ?


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