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Re: [Linux-cluster] Asking information about NFS /CS4 Cookbook

Hi Pattabhi,

Hello All,

I have just enabled quotas on one of my GFS file system, but when i run the gfs_quota list -f /GCSHome command it gives me the output of the command and gets stuck, meaning it does not return back to the prompt. i have to press a ctrl C to get back to the prompt.

And idea what is happening here??

This bug was fixed in the latest version of gfs_quota. Please update your packages accordingly. https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=210362

The quota file is a hidden sparse file and quota information for users/groups is stored at offsets derived from their userids/groupids within the quota file. eg: For a userid x, the quota information would be at an offset 2*x*QSIZE, where QSIZE is the size of the quota information. Large parts of the quota file is sparse; holes with no valid quota information. For the list operation gfs_quota scans through the entire quota file (holes and all) and only displays valid quota information. Accidentally or intentionally assigning quota information for a big userid/groupid (value x from the above example) you essentially make the filesize 2*x*QSIZE. where x is a really big number. It takes forever for gfs_quota to scan this huge file and gives the impression that it's hung. gfs_quota is now smarter, in that, it skips all the holes in the quota file and reads only valid information.
Hope this helps.

 Pattabhi Raman


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