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Re: [Linux-cluster] how to GFS mirroring? GFS+CLVM+GNBD? GFS+cmirror?GFS+DRBD? GFS+ddraid?

andremachado wrote:
Unfortunately, at government, budget priorities are "weird" and "after the fact".

I know that.
Seeing that you come from Brazil, I can understand that money _is_ and issue. But rest assured that unless you work in a price-insensitive industry (banking, insurance), money is an issue here, too.

I have to use what is available to the task now.

I see.

SAN is not an option by now.
In 2005, someone at this list tried GFS+CLVM+GNBD and it was a bit flaky, but working.

That's a contradiction, IMO ;-)
At least, my boss would say that.

Well, more than a year passed.
Are these components more robust today?

I don't know.I also wouldn't bet my career or reputation on such a construct, unless RHAT wants commit supporting it. If you always find those sort-of-working solutions, its no wonder nobody gives you a real budget ;-) You will probably need some "expert-advice" from outside to persuade your superiors that they need to allocate money away from their pet-projects to your pet-project (this is the case with almost all bureaucracies in the world - state/government or big-faceless multinational-company - they're mostly the same, because people are mostly the same)

Sorry, this for the above almost off-topic tirade.

But, IMO, this whole GFS-stuff is complicated enough, even when deployed in the way most people do it (SAN+FC).
Adding more layers onto this - I really don't know if it is a good idea.
Because, as I said, it will just fall back on you, if it doesn't work.


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