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[Linux-cluster] IPMI over LAN, which protocol version?

Hello all,

We are configuring a Red Hat Cluster Suite v3 for a customer with Dell
PowerEdge 2950 servers. We are using IPMI over LAN as fence devices. These
servers seem to support only IPMI v2.0 version of the IPMI protocol.

In our tests, we could only reach the IPMI information using the ipmitool
command with the "-I lanplus" argument (v2.0 of the protocol).

The problem is that Cluster Suite's fence agent for IPMI over LAN seems to use
only v1.5 of the protocol (it calls ipmitool with the "-I lan" argument).

Now we cannot use IPMI over LAN as a fence device with Cluster Suite v3.

Question: is there a way to force the /usr/lib/clumanager/stonith/ipmilan.so
fence module to call the "ipmitool" utility using the v2.0 argument at the
command line? Is there any update or alternative agent that could do that?

Thank you all for your support.


Celso K. Webber <celso webbertek com br>

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