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Re: [Linux-cluster] Not able to stop cman service

Hope you are trying this after stopping the rgmanager service, otherwise try first stopping the rgmanager service then cman then ccsd.
That is the right way to stop the cluster services.

On 5/31/07, Shailesh <shailesh verismonetworks com> wrote:
Fellow clusterites,

              I have 2 node gfs-gnbd RHCS Cluster and I wanted to add
third node to it. In the process , I have tried to stop the cman service
in the existing nodes , the stopping fails.

> service cman stop  fails.
Stopping cman:                                             [FAILED]

I tried the 'cman_tool leave' command it has also failed.

> cman_tool leave
Error:  Can't leave cluster while there are 1 active subsystems

The /proc/cluster/services file dump shows that 'usrm::manager' is
running , so how do I stop this service??

Service          Name                              GID LID State
User:            "usrm::manager"                     2   3 run       -
[1 2]

If you anything about this 'usrm::manager' please let me know.

Thanks & Regards
Shailesh p Shirali

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